Correction Policy

At Khabar Hartaraf, we prioritize accuracy and transparency in our reporting. In the event that incorrect information is published on our website, we are committed to promptly correcting the error and informing our readers. This Corrections Policy outlines our procedures for rectifying mistakes and ensuring the integrity of our content.

Premise: Khabar Hartaraf is dedicated to delivering accurate and comprehensive news reports based on the available information at the time of publication. We acknowledge our responsibility to correct any errors that may arise and promptly inform our audience of the corrections made.

Updating a Report:

  • We make it a practice to clearly indicate when a story has been updated, whether for corrections, clarifications, or additional information.
  • For significant corrections, we prominently display a correction notice at the top of the article, clearly stating the updated information.
  • We encourage our community members to suggest corrections via email or through the designated section on our website.


  • Substantive corrections to articles, photo captions, headlines, graphics, videos, or other materials are promptly published with an explanation for the change.


  • When factual accuracy is maintained but clarity or detail is lacking in the language used, we provide clarification within the story to address any ambiguities.
  • Clarifications may also be added to acknowledge the inclusion of new information or perspectives.

Editor’s Notes:

  • Corrections that raise significant ethical concerns or question the substance of an article may necessitate an editor’s note, providing further context or explanation.
  • Editor’s notes are approved by senior editors and are added to the story to address the underlying issues.

Other Corrections Policies:

  • Errors identified by readers in comments are acknowledged and corrected by our community engagement team.
  • Incorrect information shared on social media platforms is promptly corrected or retracted as necessary.
  • We do not attribute blame to individual reporters or editors for errors.

Reporting Inaccuracies:

  • Readers are encouraged to report inaccuracies via the ‘Suggest A Correction’ section at the end of each web story or by emailing our editorial team directly.
  • We take reader feedback seriously and investigate reported inaccuracies promptly.

Take-down Requests:

  • As an editorial policy, we do not entertain take-down requests. Instead, we investigate claims of inaccuracy and publish corrections if necessary.
  • Fairness considerations may prompt updates or follow-ups on previous coverage, but removal of published articles is not standard practice.